Late Nite Art


TIMELINE: Beginning 2017 - Present

Company Synopsis

Late Nite Art helps companies ignite imagination and build connection. We have developed and delivered client-affirmed services, products, experiences, and distribution ready content for over 100+ organizations across 10 countries. Our engagements result in deeper teammate relationships, and empower individual development.

Why I work on this & what’s happened so far.

The founder and I connect on fundamental core values, and empower each other to produce important outputs.

I came in to redesign the business flow & structure behind services & products. Since then, I have produced a customer-focused inbound strategy that pulls new prospects into a journey fueled with automated content and interactions. I structured a templated roadmap that coordinates a growing team to continually evolve and adapt key marketing & sales activities aligned with our audience.

The Stats

Key BUSINESS Outcome

Enabled consecutive 35-40% year over year revenue growth (Y1 and Y2)

KEY STRATEGIES Developed & Executed

Growth Strategy Roadmapping & Operations Enablement

  • Roadmapped marketing, sales and customer experience with key activities and supporting tools & softwares.

  • Facilitated buyer journey storyboarding and repositioning of company value proposition.

  • Implemented new deal management process and managed ongoing sales operations & enablement

  • Produced new website & content library development, drafting, publishing , and distribution process.

  • Designed key partnerships & development strategy and supporting materials.

  • Facilitated financial & performance review, and established next phase KPIs and pie-in-the-sky goals.

Client Experience Design & Coordination

  • Facilitated and documented redesign of end to end client experience and communication. 

  • Produced client content focused on nurturing re-engagement opportunities.

  • Coordinated experience logistics; staffing, run of show documents, inventory management.

  • Managed client agreements, billing system, and invoice collection.

Culture & Talent Development

  • Facilitated creation of team manifesto, purpose, and core values.

  • Co-designed new team orientation and training packet for experience team.

  • Redesigned experience team contracting & payment structure, and travel logistics & expensing process.

  • Created team member client referral reward system.

KEY Services & products designed & produced

Want a Full List of my past experience?

My next steps, and help we could use.

We recently prototyped and validated a new product, Illuminated Notes. Within 7 weeks, we designed the offering, pitched and acquired 4 initial clients, and executed a complete inbound marketing, sales, and product delivery pipeline. We publicly launched Illuminated Notes with 4 illustrated thought leadership collections.

The following in-progress initiatives support the newly launched Illuminated Notes, along with updating and juicing up our existing offerings for our audiences:

  • Updated social media narrative, asset design, content formats, and engagement process.

  • New social ad design, targeting, and publishing strategy

  • Updated client re-engagement and referral strategy

  • New long form written content publishing, distribution, and community strategy

  • New live and automated chat and conversation strategy

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