Coming Soon: EmpathyHaus™

Beginning Jan 2020 - To Present

What is EmpathyHaus™?

EmpathyHaus helps busy doers, makers, and creators pause their work, and reflect on other stuff that matters just as much.

We produce audio and video interviews, live-podcasts, and locally facilitated group discussions.

Currently under development

For the meantime, let us know if you want to stay in the loop:

Early Podcast Learning Experiment

Talk Human To Me™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs, with nothing about entrepreneurship.

We created this project to test out interview topics with entrepreneurs, from personal life and relationships, to challenges, passions, and quirks. Our key focus was to break the mindset and usual rhythm of entrepreneurs, a demographic who typically listened to podcasts that involved entrepreneurial hero's journey, how-I-did-this, and thought leadership.

Our test helped us determine structures and formats that resonated, drawing emotional range from hysterical laughter, to deep sadness.

Talk Human To Me™ will live under EmpathyHaus™ // Oct 2015 - Hiatus May 2016

  • Recorded, produced and released 30 weekly podcast episodes, and completed an additional 25 raw recordings.

  • Developed site engagement & distribution to 9,000 downloads.

  • Improved full-cycle production efficiency & time by over 150%

  • Totaled 60+ hours of evergreen content audio to continually reach influential guests’ audiences.


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