Delivering Happiness


Delivering Happiness - Timeline: Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Company Synopsis

Delivering Happiness (DH) evolved from a New York Times Best Seller to the world’s first Culture coach|sulting® [coaching + consulting] company. From the early days of Zappos to the 350+ organizations they impacted around the world, DH has pioneered the way. They’re here to help engage your employees to create happier, sustainable cultures for a more profitable business.

How we met up, and why I worked on this

I provided growth strategy consulting to both DH and Real Food Real Stories. The DH chief of staff at the time, Christine Lai, originally agreed to meet for 20 minutes. We ended up hanging out for almost 2 hours. We riffed on ideas, current projects, and also happened to have many mutual friends. After our conversation, she asked me to meet with another team member, Kelsey Lotus Wong, the operations director, Angela Ice, and eventually the CEO, Jenn Lim.

They brought me on to assess their overall client engagement process, and what systems they used to generate leads. I did a lot of research and analysis, tested many tools, and most importantly, learned about the work patterns and habits of each team members. Our engagement closed out with providing them a forward strategy, setting up new technologies to consolidate existing efforts, coordinating the team on key activities, and vetting candidates to take over the growth operations.

Select Highlights

Guided growth strategy production, supported operations, and coordinated technology implementation

  • Generated leadership buy-in to execute on growth strategies and systems.

  • Researched and designed marketing and sales operations and technology infrastructure.

  • Fostered a culture of content creation and marketing collaboration.

  • Advised on hiring and training of new growth managers.


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