An Open Cover Letter

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Hard to believe I only started embracing my journey with illness 2 years ago.

Out of that dark period sparked a need to evolve my 10+ years of idea development, marketing, sales, and customer strategies.

Something is still missing. I need to explore further.

At the turn of this year, I want to dive deep with creators and companies creating curiosity and empathy driven stories, live-experiences, products, and services.

I can empower teams to connect the dots.

I want to help teams create genuine connection and relationship with their audience.  From developing an idea to growing customers, I can shape roadmaps that turn strangers to super-fans.

I was lucky as a young adult to crash course leadership roles in entrepreneur communities. Roles that taught me to balance detail, emotional intelligence, creativity, and revenue performance. Roles that sharpened my ability to navigate across multiple project stages and teams. Roles that strengthened my ability to coordinate and build relationships with and between multiple stakeholders.

I am grateful for being entrusted to shaped growth and operations strategy with an internationally known culture coach|sulting firm and a beloved organization that connects food + story. These experiences exercised my skills in listening, empathizing, communicating efficiently, and delivering concrete, actionable plans.

I am deeply proud of the collaborative work I propelled with an artist. We made pivotal shifts and important moves to reshape the story and direction of the company he started back in 2013; how the company will grow in future collaborations and continue to transform Fortune 500 teams all over the world. Creating services & products that provide utility and inspiration fundamentally guides our execution and decisions. Whether failing miserably in some experiments, or wildly succeeding in delighting directors, leaders, and executives in others, we’ve evolved this company into one with focus, direction, and long term sustainability. A type of success that will not only equate to increased revenue and a growing team, but the genuine ability to build empathy and more meaningful relationships in workplaces all over the world.

I want to jam with people where meaning, purpose, and core values matter.

( As well as a sense of humor and self-levity 🙃)

I’d love to talk.

What problems are you trying to solve?

How are you looking to further harmonize your sales, marketing, and customer teams?
What types of key business activities and projects are you looking to better coordinate in your team?
Does your current inbound sales, marketing, customer, and audience experience feel disconnected?
Is something missing or feeling absent for the experience you are creating?
Are roadblocks preventing you from creating unforgettable moments and experiences for your audience and stakeholders?

Tell me how you want to empower your community.

Jeffrey Shiau