1:1 Training Sessions,
Limited Spots Available.

Run, Jump, Punch, Kick, Burn.

1-Hour Sessions Available Monday - Friday, 7AM

All Spots $25 Suggested Donation

Venmo to @jcshiau Following Each Session




Who’s training me?

Your exercise guide is Jeffrey Shiau. He trained & instructed martial arts formally for 8 years, and casually practiced traditional boxing, kickboxing, muy thai, and soft martial arts. He loves teaching and helping people feel mentally and physically healthier.

What does a session look like?

A mix of warm ups, explosive exercises, striking routines, fat sprint burning routines, and core routines.

How Do I Track My Performance?

You will be shared a spreadsheet tracking your activity and improvement session to session.

Do I nEEd Gloves and Wraps?

Yes. If you don’t have any, CLICK HERE for simple training gloves, and CLICK HERE for easy hand wraps.

For women, CLICK HERE to support this independent, woman founded and run company, Society Nine — high performance gloves designed by women, for women.