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I work on stuff that
helps people pause & reflect.

Status: AvailabLe FOR PROJECTS


I’d love to help.

I’m available to help companies develop strategies and direct teams to attract, nurture, connect, close, and retain their audience, potential partners, and stakeholder community.

I’d like to support a media company that delivers digital, interactive, and original content in meaningful & unique ways.

My abilities, experience, and learnings below ⇣


Catalyze, build, grow, learn.

Actualize ideas for communities you care about.


For over 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with values-based companies that empowered me to continually learn, adapt, and evolve my toolbox for strategic, operational, technical, and analytical execution on growth roadmaps. Below summarizes key activities I can contribute to.


I like you.

Yes. I would love to meet and chop it up! Pick some times, and we can coordinate an in-person or video call.